Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 8


A Singapore/China partnership. Lakes with great views and fresh air. New apartment building and malls going up everywhere. Feels like Florida.

Black and Decker

The birth place of tools. Discussion of all the current risks for the operation. China still beats Vietnam despite the rising costs and strength of currency. Assembly plant. Lean sigma being implemented.

Johnson and Johnson

Greenfield facility. Discussion of start up process. Some environmental standards higher than the West now. Business license approved in less than two weeks. Things to watch. Local design firms used 2D design meaning not everything linked up.


Very sophisticated manufacturing operation making semi conductor testing equipment. Looks world class. They still look to Toyota as the gold standard. Ex-Toyota consultant works with them on quality. Apparently they are tough sensei.

Jinji Lake Golf Club

We know things are looking good when we get a salute from the guard.

27 hole, Gary Player-designed course. The management greets us. The U.S. GM is quite a character. Amazing facility. Sit down in a stunning conference room. Refreshments are great after a long day. USD 140k to join. Mainly Korean and Taiwanese members. Run by IMG.

Last site visit. Just final presentations to go.

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