Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 9

Preparation for final presentation

Get up early to get presentation done. Takes longer than we thought. Basic model looks good, though learnings from the site visits mean we make some adjustments.

Old Town

Have time to do some shopping. Go down to Old Town. Try negotiating. Feel like we are getting good prices but not sure. Sometimes they say yes too quickly. Looking to buy two Chinese dolls for daughters. After a tough negotiation, decide to walk away.

Unfortunately, leave cash on the counter.

The sales person calls me back and gives me the price. All the sales people find it very amusing. New negotiating tactic? Everything is very inexpensive.

Final presentation

Settle in for a now very familiar process. Overhead projector makes process pretty informal. Presentations move fast. Some teams might pursue their business plans.

It is done.

Final Dinner

Restaurant looks across to New Pudong from the Bund. Amazing views of river. A familiar process now. Opportunity for people to speak. Not sure if it has really hit everyone that the program is finished. Some nice comments. Informal awards given.

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