Friday, May 15, 2009

Acibadem site visit

Friday morning started with a visit to the Acibadem Maslak hospital - the newest hospital in the Acibadem Heathcare Group. Acibadem primarily serves the private healthcare market and prides itself in their patient care, and the visit to Maslak was proof of their commitment.

The facility was beautiful, spacious, and had the latest technology. They are a completely electronic facility - no paper, no film, no oral orders - absolutely everything is captured and stored in the centralized computer system, and medical information is available immediately across the Acibadem network. Further showing their commitment to patient safety, every room has a computerized patient cart that medical staff sign into using fingerprint scan and password. The cart then has drawers for each medicine dosage that are programmed to open only when the dose is due.

Acibadem is setup to minimize patient movement. Complete diagnostic technology for every discipline is co-located so patients don't need to be constantly moving from department to department. Their specialty departments have the most advanced technology, including the latest CT scanner (Rapid Arc) that cuts CT scanning from 25-30 minutes to 90 seconds. And for those 90 seconds the patient is looking at a ceiling-mounted giant plasma screen that makes it seem like you are lying outside looking at the trees. The machine itself cost $4.5m - the entire setup cost north of $12m.

All in all, it was a really impressive site. Boston may be a top medical hub of the world, but this facility appeared to be miles ahead of anything I've seen back home!

On to the WOW! Convention Center for our next visit.

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