Thursday, March 13, 2014

Adventures, A Great Connection - High Tech 1

After a full day of meetings in Lima, our team was exhausted. That morning we had met with Peru 2021 and in the afternoon we met with the founder of "Fundacion Peru" and "Pronaturaleza". We had one meeting that we had been trying to set up for weeks, but seemed elusive. It was with Enrique "KB" Agois - the technologist and Internet architect at Rimac Peru, one of the largest insurance companies in Peru.

However, at the last minute, KB moved some commitments around and arranged to meet us for dinner. He was bringing his wife, Adriana, and we didn't quite know what to expect.

We started dinner and learned that Adriana was a doctor herself and we immediately struck a very familiar tone with them both. What began as a dinner between strangers was quickly transformed into a brainstorming session around our ideas on mobile technology, health care and change management for patients, doctors, and insurance companies. The ideas were free flowing around what verticals to start different services in, how data from smartphones could be leveraged and what ideas would be viable.

KB gave us great insight into how forward looking companies like Rimac are pushing themselves to be. He shared with us an anecdote from a meeting where he told the senior executives "in the future, no one will buy car insurance because there won't be accidents". We took his example of the driverless car and applied it to how health care will work in the future. The result was an intensely invigorating and enlightening meeting. 

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