Monday, May 14, 2012

Student Reflection on Module 1: Wendy Z.

I don’t think there is anything that could have prepared me for the realities of the EMBA program.  Everyone said it would be challenging and intensive, but I went to college - I understand it takes time and effort.  Talk about understatement…I forgot to factor in that I work full time now (unlike back in my college days) and didn’t realize that this program would end up being my second full time job.  I don’t regret my decision and I would not have changed my mind if I had all this previous knowledge but it does takes some readjusting.  For example, I have a new appendage known as my BU iPad.  It goes everywhere with me in case I have a few minutes to catch up on the next weekend’s coursework.  I even take it to the gym so I can read while running on the treadmill.  I use to roll my eyes in disgust at those people and now I am one of them.

One thing that surprised me most is the relationships that have developed from the program.  After Residence Week 1, I felt as if I had known everyone for months and it had only been 5 days.  I think the way the program is structured you immediately begin interacting with your fellow classmates and engage in team tasks, simulations, and presentations that you develop an instant rapport.  You care about the success of each person and in time of need you jump in to help.  I look forward to seeing everyone and commiserating about the program. No one wants to see you fail and that’s very reassuring.

Wendy Zambrana is a member of the EMBA 25 class. She is currently a part of the Quality Engineering group at Biogen Idec. Congratulations to Wendy, who was married this past weekend in Sonoma, Ca.

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