Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 1 in India

On Sunday March 12th, EMBA 24 headed out in Mumbai to do some sightseeing. The first stop was the Taj Hotel. My old team (B3); never had the opportunity to take a team picture during the Mod 3. What a great opportunity to snap a roadside photo of B3 in front of the Taj.

We saw some great sights; but the highlight was a total accident. On our way to Bollywood, the bus got slightly lost. We then ended up going through a village to get to the film shoot; unfortunately the road was too narrow to make a tough turn. The poor bus driver spent two hours trying to turn the bus around. The class didn’t get restless; instead they were entertained by the local children. They saw the problems the bus was having and came over and showed off their energy by doing back flips on the sidewalk. A couple of students ventured out of the bus, all the children just wanted to have their pictures taken.

The village could not have been nicer. Not only did the kids entertain the students; and the village adults help the driver navigate through the narrow streets back to the main road. It was unfortunate that we didn’t make it; but the class had an experience that will surely never be forgotten.
-Doug Cuff

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