Monday, March 26, 2012

The Adventure Continues

Though the class trip ended last weekend, the trip continued for several of us.  After visiting Pune for a day, I arrived in Bangalore where both Pramodh and Seema were visiting relatives.  The three of us were able to coordinate our busy schedules for a Thursday afternoon get together.   Seema was still working hard to set the record for most site visits by an EMBA team while Pramodh and I were back on the clock.  Meeting up required Pramodh and his driver to cross the city twice – something that is quite a testament to his graciousness and patience given the Bangalore traffic.  Fortunately, these trips were completed just before the evening rush hour. 

Despite the high tech nature of Bangalore, it does not remain immune from the occasional cow on the side of the road.  As we crossed the relatively quiet street to sit down for coffee in a local shop, I was advised by The Doctor not to enjoy an iced café mocha due to water concerns.  In the end, I think the fat content of the mocha made my mango juice a better choice.  From there we set out for some shopping – I needed gifts to bring home.  Using their local knowledge and multiple calls to friends and co-workers, and Pramodh’s ability to translate between English and Kannada we zigzagged around the city avoiding malls looking for specialty stores.  The success of my shopping endeavors will soon be tested.
Before treating us to a nice dinner, Seema and I witnessed Pramodh enjoy a drink that most men would not be caught dead holding.  Our dinner was filled with plenty of great food, good conversation proving to be a relaxing way to wrap a busy two weeks.  The evening was capped with a flaming gulab jamun - none of us had ever had one before.  I suggest avoiding the brandy as it makes an already sweet dessert unbearable.  We then sent Seema on her way to the glitterati lifestyle to see the premier of Agent Vinod.

- Seema Byahatti, Pramodh Koshy & Peter Spiess

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