Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prague Site Visit #1 - Prague Hilton

We started our Prague site visits out great with an extensive tour of the Prague Hilton's operations from the Laundry Room to the Executive Suites; both equally impressive in their own right.

The hotel cleans more linen each day than any other hotel in Europe and the Executive Level definitely provides the level of service to accommodate the needs of top executive teams doing business in Prague.

We followed up our tour with a presentation from the entire Director level of the organization, providing insightful detail into the historical and current state of the organization.

The Prague Hilton has been significantly affected by the Global Credit crises, specifically related to the issues in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Italy. These countries provided a large source of conference revenue for the hotel. The hotel is now actively marketing and extended their sales model into other eastern Europe and Asian countries such as Russia, Japan and China in order to lesson their reliance on these affected countries.

It was very interesting to here from the General Manager that the hotel's revenue model is very akin to a parking lot. Revenue per available room is the critical factor for Hilton.

It was a great visit and we very much appreciated the level of access and detail provided by Hilton.

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