Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 3

Bullet Train

Early rise for the bullet train to Nagoya. Nice to have some leg room. Japan starts looking like Holland. Lots of Greenhouses and paddy fields. Striking to see how flat this part of Japan is – not too many tall trees anywhere. Also see some interesting Japanese architecture with the unique roof lines and shingles. Houses seemed to have no yards – wonder where the kids played. Golf Driving Ranges with huge steel poles loom over the landscape. The train is fast. Classic views of Fuji. Smooth transfer to the bus.


Site of the Solar Ark. Sanyo created a huge ark shaped solar panel and educational facility focused on school children. Visible from the bullet train. Impressive museum and knowledgeable staff. A great way to kick start the site visits. Environment B team gets some questions answered on Solar.


Find Robb Dixon was here scratched on the wall. The Toyota case study comes to life. Start to get nervous that the worker will not be able to install the windscreen wipers in time. Somehow, he gets it all done every time. Different models require different processes. Automated carts move parts around. Great to see renowned Japanese efficiency in action. Everything is down to a science. The operations textbook comes alive at this visit.

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